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Welcome to my Garden!

Hummingbirds and Nectar

How to get to the Playground for the youngsters. If you love the 49ers or the Raiders, watch television There is something for everybody in the family!
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Good Days

Having a family keeps us busy!

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Winter 1999

It is that time of the year again! Cold and short days over most of the earth's surface, in the Western and Northern parts, that is!

In my neighborhood, it is time to plant bareroot FRUIT trees.

This year we are adding a Granny Smith apple, a 20th century pear, and a green plum tree. We bought the pear tree on the 8th day of Christmas!

We have also planted a Red Maple

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Garden site
2 gardens- one vegetable and one flower. Pod member at tripod
inergy free page to our family for webtv users
Montalvin Rossi's homepages
Mable Ruth's Garden with all the links you'll ever need!
a 5 star page*****
The Empire In the Tenth and Fifteenth Centuries
oiroi's Around the World

Medical Information Sites
please check 
1. Dr. Koop's Medical Info 
On Health
3. Dr. Dean Edell from channel 7
  Please help our community breath better. Some brothers and sisters trying to help are  Green Action Sign the Petition to help the Lumbar Indians Red Heart's Petition 

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